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The ultimate in workstation flexibility and design, microOP is a stainless steel workstation designed for NEMA 4X environments.

Choose a microOP that includes an integrated industrial PC, house a standard desktop PC, or opt for remote mounting of the computer. Whatever your needs, allow OP/Station help you select a microOP to meet them.

All microOP units include LCD (15”, 17”, or 19” for rear mount, 20", 22", or 23" for panel mount) with optional touchscreen and industrial keyboard/pointing device.

ATM Surface Mount
ATM Flush Mount
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The microOP/ATM is a complete industrial computer workstation that flush mounts in a wall and is ideal for installation in areas with limited floor space, such as a pharmaceutical manufacturing suite.



If you’re locating your workstation on a machine or in a hard-to-reach space, consider the microOP/ARM configuration, with tilt & swivel functionality. microOP/ARM is also ideal for areas where the floor must be kept clear.


microOP Pedestal Mount

microOP can be mounted on a pedestal, with or without a swivel. The pedestal can be bolted to the floor, and typically includes a junction box for easy connections. The Pedestal Mount is a great configuration for hazardous area purged workstations.


microOP Mobile

For those unique situations in which your workstation needs to move, consider microOP Mobile. This unit can be provided for corded operation, and can also include a battery or UPS in the base.


microOP for Hazardous Locations

All microOP workstations can be provided purged for Class 1, Division 1, or Division 2 hazardous areas. These units can also be UL-labeled for those environments.

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